How Long Do Shingle Roofs Last?

90% of the roofing industry’s profits come from roof replacements. Depending on how you look at it, this can be either good or bad. 

On the positive side, the roofers you hire should have plenty of experience in replacing roofs. On the negative side, it may seem suspicious that so many roof replacements are taking place. Does this indicate that roofs don’t last very long? 

Experts believe that this has more to do with the number of roofs in America rather than the quality of roofing materials. Roofs don’t last forever, but they can last far longer than you may expect. They can also last much longer than the average lifespan if you choose certain shingle materials. 

This article, How Long Do Shingle Roofs Last, will talk about some shingle roof materials and their lifespans. Read on to learn more. 


Asphalt shingle roofs are the most popular type for a few reasons. They’re durable and have relatively low shingle roof prices. They also come in a variety of colors and shapes. 

The average lifespan for these roofs is around 20-25 years. However, there are factors that can lower or raise the number beyond this range. A homeowner that purchases higher-quality asphalt shingles can expect them to last a long time. 

In addition, as every shingle roof guide will tell you, the weather can heavily affect how long your roof lasts. If you live in an area with harsh weather, your asphalt shingles will probably have a shorter lifespan. 


These types of shingles are not as common, so most Americans would probably ask ‘what is a shingle roof with wood’. However, they can still be a good option, as roofs with them typically last 30 years. They can also look excellent on top of more rustic-looking homes or cabins. 

As with asphalt, though, this depends on which wood shingles homeowner purchases to cover their home. In addition, certain species of wood have certain helpful characteristics over others. For example, cedar is rot and insect resistant. 

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that wood roofing materials typically require a lot of maintenance. They have to be cleaned and repainted every five years or so. 

Other Factors 

Don’t worry if you calculate your roof replacement costs (for information on how to do this, check it out here) and you learn you lack the funds for higher quality shingles. There are many more shingle roof tips you can follow to extend your roof’s lifespan. Examples of these are hiring roofers to give your roof regular inspections and making sure high-quality roofers construct your roof.

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Above all, make sure that you take the time to research before you decide on the type of roof you’ll build on your home. In doing so, it’s certain that you will make the right decisions and build a roof that lasts. After you’re done reading How Long Do Shingle Roofs Last, check out our other articles. They’re filled with informative and useful information on health, travel, and more.

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